Craft and Food Ladies Party- Inspired by Pinterest
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Craft and Food Ladies Party- Inspired by Pinterest

Craft and Food Ladies Party- Inspired by Pinterest

Are you one of those ladies who surf Pinterest day and night? Do you pin a bunch but never actually get to try anything out? A Pinterest Party is a great way to spend some time with your friends, eat drink and try out some of that DIY craft backlog you have created for yourself. Enjoy a Pinterest inspired pot luck while you craft your fingers off with some of your favorite people of your choosing. This is one of my favorite kinds of parties. I love food, drink, crafting and hanging out with my favorite ladies. Keep reading for more info on creating your very own craft and food ladies party- inspired by Pinterest.

Food and Craft Ladies Party Invite

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Invites for the Food and Craft Ladies Party


Invite any lady or man for that matter who likes cooking-eating, crafting and chatting. I would not invite more than 10-12 people because there will not be enough hours in the day to complete all the crafting that number would require. Your chosen guests will need to purchase enough supplies for each person in attendance to complete their chosen craft. The idea is you bring one to share with everyone and go home with 12 new and different creations! Each guest will also need to bring an assigned food or beverage to share in the Pinterest potluck.

Get Crafty- How to plan a ladies food and craft party.


All party attendees pick a craft they have pinned on Pinterest. Make sure; One, it’s a craft that everyone can complete in about 20 minutes. Two, you are able to teach it to the rest of the group. And three, spend $30 or less on supplies for everyone. If crafts are not completed that day the majority of the supplies should be able to pack up for the party goers to complete at home. The hostess will create a menu list. Each guest can choose one of the items to cook and bring to share.

For example with a guest list of 10 people:

  • Alcoholic Beverage-1
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage-1
  • Appetizers-3
  • Dip-1
  • Meat Dish-1
  • Dessert- 2
  • Salad-1

Each guest and the host will pick one from this list and wow us with their Pinterest inspired food or drink.

Pinterest Food Pot Luck Style. Ladies Craft and Food Party.

Where and When:

Hostess picks a day you can have a kid and husband free house. You want to have at least a half a day set aside for the time it takes to create everyone’s crafts. Also, hosting this in your home will be easier to have access to your supply of paint and gluesticks.

Craft and Food Ladies Party Inspired by Pinterest


Guests might need some help in choosing their food and craft. I always encourage my guests to pick a craft that plays to their strength. It will make it easier to teach and they will most likely be able to pull some of the supplies from their current craft stash. I also always encourage upcycled and recycled crafts. Getting supplies from the recycling bin is as cheap as it gets! As far as choosing what food to bring they just need to look a the suggested list and again play to their strengths. Please check out my Pinterest Board just for Pinterest Party inspiration!

Each guest brings enough supplies for everyone to complete their chosen craft.


The Hostess:

Your craft and your dish are required. You will want to participate just like everyone else! If there will be a lot of guests and possibly not enough time to complete all the crafts you could per bag your supplies for party goers to take home or even pre-complete the craft for them (I have done this with sewing projects before and just gave a demo). As the hostess you will also want to have extra paintbrushes, water cups to clean said paint brushes ( I always forget these), glue, glue gun, scissors, sewing machine, stapler, etc. I love creating a little gift bag for my guests to take home all their new creations. Don’t forget to have plates, cups, and utensils ready for food!

At a crafting party don't forge to have a good space for the hot glue gun!

The Guests:

Your craft and your dish are required. Again make sure to only spend about $30 on supplies for everything. Make sure there will be enough supplies for each guest to complete 1 version of your craft.

Ladies Food and Craft Party Inspired by Pinterest

How to Set Up the Food and Craft Ladies Party

The Hostess will want to make sure to have a good space for crafting. Protect any surfaces that cannot get messy with glue and paint. Shower curtains and disposable table clothes are great options for covering tables. Don’t forget to have some water rinsing cups ready for painting. I always forget these until I already have paint on my brush. Be sure to have an area open for glue guns and/or the sewing machine to be plugged in.

You will also want to have a nice space to lay out the food and beverages. My party started around lunchtime. We started the day by eating a big lunch and them moved into crafting. Of course, there was plenty of snacking throughout the day.

Make Sure to Have a good Space for Crafting- Ladies Craft and Food Day

How to Run the Food and Craft Ladies Party

The more ladies you invite, the more crafts you will have to complete. As soon as my guests started arriving we began to eat. Next, I took stock of the types of crafts my guests brought to the party. Anything that needed time to dry would need to be worked on first. The guest who brought the craft gives a short demo or explanation, shows a sample to the others, and passes out the supplies. Once the first craft is near to completion the next guest will get up and start with their craft. People can wander in and out for food as you go. There will be moments of silence with everyone concentrating and moments of talking. I love taking the finished product photo showing every craft made that day.

Finished Crafts from Ladies Food and Craft Parties
These are from two separate parties.

I love hosting this party. I always feel like I am treating my friends and family to a fun, food, and craft day! It is even better when my fellow moms can enjoy it as kid-free time. This type of party could also be awesome hosted for a tween or teen girl who is into the crafting scene. All you really need is people who like to spend time together, food, craft supplies, and some Pinterest surfing.

Craft and Food Ladies Party Inspired by Pinterest

Please send me a comment sharing what you think about my Ladies Food and Craft Party- Inspired by Pinterest. If you have any questions about the crafts we completed in the photos, ask away and I will be happy to share details and links. You can also go HERE to my Pinterest Party Board and find most of the crafts I have pictures in this post.

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  • Keryn Sanchez

    Hi, there.

    Wow, what a fantastic idea! Sounds fun and exciting at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing this with us 🙂 Do you have special crafts you can recommend to me? This will be great, especially now that it finally is getting warmer. I can imagine throwing a Food and Craft Ladies Party in our backyard on a nice Saturday afternoon. I’m gonna send my boys (husband and son) fishing; so we’ll have the entire place for ourselves. If it’s up to how many pins I’ve collected on Pinterest, then those parties would never end, lol.

    Honestly, a truly refreshing idea you’ve had there. Thanks, again.



  • Louise

    A crafting night with my besties is ALWAYS a fun idea! 🙂 I’ve been to a few crafting parties where we have gotten so caught up in the craft that we didn’t even realize how much time has flown by. What a fun way to spend time with your friends and leave with a fun take home goodie.

    • admin

      Yes, there were a few times I had to tell everyone, “paint faster!” Then it would get all quiet for a few minutes while they all focused. Hahah

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